Exclusive Backstage Pass.

Exterior of Tent.

Exclusive Backstage Pass...only by invitation. Click on pic to get a true appreciation of this grill.

BBQ Corn with Butter.

I paid a visit recently to the PNE Fair. One of the great things I look forward to about the fair at the PNE is the food that they serve.

I was walking past this particular tent (which seemed to specialize in Corn and Potatoes) which caught my eye. I asked the guy whether it would be okay if I took some pics of his tent. He gave me the thumbs up and surprisingly invited me backstage to view the bbq grill. Keep in mind that I had not ordered anything from him yet...so I was quite surprised he would bother wasting his time on me. Nonetheless, I was more than happy to check out the grill. This was definitely no ordinary grill. Refer to the pic above and remember to click on it for a better view. The cool thing is that the shelves actually rotates.

In return, I told him that I would like to purchase a corn. He asked if I wanted some butter with the corn and I gave him the thumbs up. The corn was good...not too burnt/overcooked as you can tell from the pics above.

Definitely would return here....next year.

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