A Vegetarian Meal.

Home-made Rice with Tofu and Vegetables.
Vegetables include: broccoli, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, red peppers, onions.
Everything but the Tofu is home-made.

I sometimes get accused of not eating enough veggies or any veggies at all.

Some people find it hard being a vegetarian. There's something about meat that veggies just won't do justice for. I am probably guilty of that as well. A long time ago, I had ordered a Portobello (Mushroom) Burger and when the food came, I had thought that the kitchen had made a big mistake of forgetting to include my burger patty as all I saw was a big whole piece of portobello mushroom stuffed between two buns. Nonetheless, I felt really silly after that ordeal. I don't think I've dared to order a Portobello Burger since...although I just might do so again one day when I feel veggy.

The meal pictured above is all home-made, except for the tofu which was purchased at Kam Kuk Yuen in Chinatown. It's my favorite tofu in the city. It's really popular and at times they do sell out. The vegetable/tofu rice meal was great. I added some soy sauce to give the rice some extra flavor. Gotta love the beautiful array of the colors that the veggies bring to the plate.

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