Monty, Monty, Monty.

Monty Mushroom Burger Combo ordered for take-out. With French Fries and a Vanilla Milkshake. Note: You can get a Milkshake instead of a pop for $1.99 more when you order a combo to-go. Highly recommended.

Monty Mushroom Burger with French Fries and Coleslaw.

Close-up pic of Monty Mushroom Burger with Coleslaw and Onion Rings in the background.

Close-up pic of Monty Mushroom Burger with Hash Browns.

Classic. Legendary. Yummy. Those are just some words that can be used to describe the Monty Mushroom Burger at White Spot. Whenever I'm at White Spot, there's a 72% chance that I will order this burger.

So what makes this burger so good?
Is it the 1/4 lb beef burger?
Is it the jack cheese?
Is it the sauteed mushrooms?
Or is it their famous Triple "O" Sauce?
Can't forget their buns...something about their buns...I'd be happy with just the buns and the Triple "O" Sauce alone. That could be my breakfast right there.

Maybe it's all of the above....they just seem to go so well together.

I'd rate this as one of my favorite burgers of all time. It's a burger that I know that I will never get sick of eating.

Tip: When ordering the Monty Mushroom Burger, instead of getting it with the default French Fries, why not get some Onion Rings or Hash Browns instead? See above pictures.

Random Point: For some odd reason, the burger tastes best when I order it for take-out. Not too sure why.

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