Not Quite A Ten For Ebi-Ten...But Still Good

Ebi-Ten Menu Board. Click on pic for a bigger view.

Chicken Udon.

It seems like Ebi-Ten has changed their menu quite a bit from when they first opened and the last time I was there. Make no mistake, I think the new menu is good.

I had the Chicken Udon. The soup is quite rich. I was surprised that they were pretty generous on the amount of chicken they gave. As a whole, it was good. If you look at the menu, they do serve other items such as rice dishes. I would recommend trying the udon first as I believe this is what they specialize in. I'd be interested in trying the other dishes they offer here.

Ebi-Ten is located just across the Vancouver Public Library on Robson Street. Worth stopping by if you're around that area and want to grab a quick meal.

388 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2B2, Canada
(604) 689-9938

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FueledByFoodBlog said...

I enjoyed my curry udon at Ebi-Ten. I went there the other day! If u like japanese curry then you may like the udon, if not, maybe you will enjoy other items :P