Public Service Announcement: Comments Section Active

Dear ILoveFoodBlog Readers,

I've been getting some requests to enable the comments section. So I've taken that into account and made it active. Please feel free to leave some comments...let me know what you think about a certain post, ways that things can be improved, things you'd like to see on this blog, or simply just drop a line or two to show some love. You'll be able to do so after each post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please do keep it clean though.

A big thank you to you, the reader, for making all of this possible. I've been pretty busy lately and haven't been able to give full reviews...please stay tuned as I will be posting some reviews that I'm sure most of you would enjoy reading. Trust'll be worth the wait.

Now enjoy your meal,
I Love Food Blogger


Keri said...

I found this blog and Vancouver Slop totally by accident when looking for something. Being that I live right in and around your neighbourhood it's been great to check in on a regular basis and see what's worth checking out.

Keep up the good work (Both of you!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you like it Keri. There will be a lot more great reviews to follow soon.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and the witty comments. Hope to see more from your food adventures. Bon appetite.

I Love Food Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words Anonymous.

Bon Appetite!