A Taste Of Italy - Sciue Italian Bakery Cafe

San Benedeito Ice Lemon Tea.

Funghi Pane Romano: tomato sauce, mushrooms (no cheese)
Note that I did not call this Pizza. Read below for more details.

Lasagna della Mamma: Cheese with Bechamel, fresh pasta, layered with or without meat...alternates daily.
Please click on pic to get a true appreciation.

Had to include another shot of this fabulous dish.

Sciue (pronounced Shoe-Eh) Italian Bakery Cafe has recently opened up in the Yaletown neighborhood. What some may not know, is that they have another location in mid Downtown which has been open for at least a couple of years already. I remember going there when they first opened their first cafe. I was quite impressed. I've been going back there since then.

I like the ambiance a lot. The service has been good from the times I've been there. Note that it can get pretty busy during lunch rush and you may need to wait a while for your coffee at times. Both the Yaletown and Downtown location has an outside patio. They specialize in serving Pane Romano, Panini's, Coffee and an assortment of pasta dishes.

Let's talk about the Pane Romano now. It is defined as traditional, thin, fragrant, wonderfully delicious Roman breads, served as is, or topped with a selection of sauces, vegetables, meats or seafood. Pane Romano is served in the Roman style...by weight. Basically, you let them know how much you want, and then they will cut it in front of you followed by weighing and pricing it. I don't know of any other place in Vancouver that does it this way...if you do, please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

The highlight of my visit here was the Lasagna della Mamma. Absolutely delicious. You have to try it to get a true appreciation of this dish. If you look at the pic above, it might look like a rather huge portion. However, this dish is made especially light...you won't feel super stuffed after eating it. I think it has to do with the pasta they use to layer it. I was able to sneak in some Pane Romano after having the lasagna. It comes with a side bread too which I love saving for the end to scoop up any left over tomato sauce. The tomato sauce is truly amazing.

If you haven't been here, I recommend paying a visit. I'm not a coffee person, but they do specialize in coffee as well. If you've been here before and haven't tried the lasagna, I recommend trying it.

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Downtown Location
800 W. Pender St #110, Vancouver
Tel: 604-602-7263

Yaletown Location
#126 Davie Street @ The Roundhouse
Tel: 604-689-7263

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