Blueberry: A Refreshing Idea.

Plain Yogurt.

Strawberry Smoothie.

It seems like this place is getting more and more popular. This place has probably been around for about a year now. Prior to my first visit, I did not hear anything about this place. It was probably after a meal at Kintaro that I happened to walk in. That has been my routine ever since. A meal at Kintaro, followed by some yogurt at Blueberry. It's nice considering they are all around the same block. On a side note, there are now 2 other Ramen joints all around the same block. I will be reviewing all three in the near future.

The decor here is quite inviting. The menu is quite simple. For yogurt, you can choose from Plain or Green Tea. I'm not a fan of green tea, so I've never tried it here. I normally always go with the plain flavor. Next step is you choose whatever topping you want to go with it. The key thing is that unlike Yogen Fruz, they do NOT grind up the yogurt with the fruit you choose. It's simply added onto the side of the yogurt. Go back ten years ago, Yogen Fruz was a big thing. What a great concept of grinding up fruit and yogurt. If you requested for just plain yogurt, someone would have thought you were crazy! Fast forward to now, the trend seems to have switched over. I recently visited Yogen Fruz, and guess what? There are TWO styles that you can order. The classic one where they grind up the fruit...and the newer version similar to Blueberry where you get the yogurt plain and then the topping on the side. Thought that was rather interesting.

Nonetheless, I must say that I really like the plain yogurt. You just have to try it to know what I'm talking about. It doesn't give you that sick feeling you get after consuming too much dairy. It feels really light and tastes sort of fruity in some ways. Definitely really refreshing. I like to get mine plain with no fruit. The yogurt itself is good enough for me.

The other main item on the menu is the smoothie. Basically choose from any of the toppings and they will mix them in yogurt, some ice and juice. I'd have to say the smoothie is pretty good too. Very refreshing as well.

If you haven't been here, I highly recommend you try this out. It's a great place for after-dinner dessert.

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Shop
1703 Robson Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604 288 2523


Anonymous said...

Yogen Fruz taste so much better then this blueberry who copies pinkberry..

i rather grind and top it which is only available at yogen fruz.

I Love Food Blog said...

It's interesting that you brought up Pinkberry. I never knew that existed. Just did a search on it. And yes, it does seem somewhat similar.

For those interested, here's the link to Pinkberry:

AG said...

I like blueberry! Yogen Fruz is good too, u can create an endless selection of flavored yogurt with fresh fruits, or cheese cake, oreas etc. But I prefer my yogurt plain. If u want variety go to yogen fruz.
Try the Red MANGO place! The serve ur yogurt with mochi and its not too sweet, it's light and fluffy!

I hear theres a yogurt place on 4th called scoop, i dont know if its good, or if it's even open.

I Love Food Blog said...

I agree with you ag.

I still like Yogen Fruz...I just like my yogurt plain too. Haven't tried Red Mango or Scoop...will be on the lookout for it. Thanks for the info.