Mojos...Safeway Style.

Safeway Mojos.

Another shot.

Also known simply as Potato Wedges, the Mojos at Safeway are great. It has a nice spice taste and is very crispy.

Tip: Great to have as a side dish when ordering their sandwiches (which are good too).
Another tip: I recommend getting the family pack which I believe is $2.79. You get about 400 grams for that.

Available at the Safeway hot case.


raidar said...

Those look like some hardy fries!

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar...what are "hardy fries"?

raidar said...

Hardy - as in, something that fills you up and puts meat on your bones. It's a good thing in this case, as those look like some big and delicious fries. I've always had a soft spot for fries with skin on.

I Love Food Blog said...

Oh I get it now...thanks raidar!