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Where it all begins...

Pork Gyozas with Gyoza Sauce.

Shoyu Ramen.
Rich Soup.
Fatty Pork.

Close-up of Fatty Pork and Shoyu Ramen.

Please see below for my earlier review on Kintaro. Also, a reminder to click on each pic for a better view.

Ended up paying a visit to Kintaro with my food blog buddy Gyromite. You can check out his review of Kintaro at VancouverSlop Review On Kintaro

We were lucky to be seated right away by the counter. Lucky because we didn't have to wait in line for a long period, but also because we didn't have to share the round table. Sitting by the counter, we were able to get a front row view of the action. This gave me a true sense of appreciation of the dishes to follow.

Ordered the Pork Gyoza as an appetizer/side dish. The Gyozas go really well with the Ramen. I do however have to say that I have a preference for Menya's Gyozas...which I will be reviewing in the near future.

For the Ramen, I ordered the Shoyu soup base. For the soup base, I orderd rich (over light/medium). For the pork type, I ordered the fatty type (over lean). I also requested getting my Ramen plain i.e. no green onion, no nori, no menma.

The Ramen was absolutely amazing. The soup was super rich...maybe a little bit too rich at times but hey. The pork was delish. Their choice of noodles for the ramen works really well too. I do not like the choice of noodles that Menya uses.

Another thing I should point out is that I ordered the Shoyu Ramen with extra pork. You end up getting 4 whole slices of pork. This comes to about $10. A good deal if you're hungry. If you do order this, I wouldn't order the Gyoza as it may be too much for one to handle.

Having tried other Ramen joints such as Ezogiku, Menya, Benkei, Motomachi, I still think that Kintaoro offers the best ramen.

Highly recommended if you're looking for Ramen in the city.

Kintaro Ramen (Denman)
788 Denman St., Vancouver
Tel: 604-682-7568

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