Costco Strips N Fries

Costco Chicken Strips and French Fries

For a full review on Costco French Fries, please refer to my earlier post below. The fries are really crispy. I prefer the Costco fries over many fast food joints such as MacDonald's and even White Spot. Never really was a fan of White Spot fries.

The chicken strips are all white meat and have a great breaded skin crust. You normally get 4 pieces which is a generous serving.

If you're planning to head to a Canucks game by GM Place, I recommend dropping by the Costco downtown for a quick dinner meal before the game. Keep in mind that it does get pretty packed though....but you'll save a lot more than when you purchase food items from GM Place.

Recommended if you've never tried it.

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Anonymous said...


Can you tell me if you need a Costco card to be able to buy these? Thanks!

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi there anonymous,

No, you do not need a Costco card. It's available in the food court of Costco. You should be able to get to the food court without a card. You can normally enter from the door where people exit and just tell them you want to go to the food court. If you go to the Downtown one, it's even better as the food court is outside so you don't even need to enter Costco.

I hope that helps.

I Love Food Blog