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Costco Vanilla Soft Ice Cream

Please refer to my earlier post below for my review on Dole Soft Ice Cream.

Costco offers soft ice cream in a cup or a waffle cone. If you get it in a cup, you can add some toppings and you'll have yourself a sundae. Choices of toppings are hot fudge, caramel or Strawberry. Ice cream flavors include vanilla, chocolate and a swirl of chocolate and vanilla.

I normally go with a vanilla ice cream in a cup (no topping). This has to be one of my favorite soft ice cream. I would take this over the Dole version in terms taste and value. The Dole version at the PNE is priced at $5.00, while the Costco version is priced at $2.00.

If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend giving the Costco soft ice cream a shot.

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raidar said...

How does it compare to DQ, as I've always been a sucker for Dairy Queen soft serve?

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar, very good question. To be honest, I prefer the Costco one over the DQ one. I can't really give you a technical explanation or a comparison, but I do have a preference for the Costco one. Let me know what you think of it if you do try it.

KimHo said...

Actually I was thinking on asking the same thing... So, instead, let me ask you this: how "thick" is the soft serve? For comparison purposes, Wendy's Frosty would be almost runny, while DQ's will be on the thick side. MickeyD's would be somewhere in the middle.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi kimho, I would consider the Costco one pretty thick relative to the MickyD's and Dairy Queen. I can't comment on the Wendy's one as I have not tried it yet but I have tried the MickyD's and Dairy Queen ones. I do prefer the Costco one over both. I hope that helps.

raidar said...

I will definitely try it. It may just be time for an all out soft serve throw down comparison.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar, let me know how it goes when you try it out. I used to get it with caramel all the time...now I just stick to plain vanilla.