Butter Beef: A Must-Try At Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh...serving Vietnamese/Cambodian Food.

Street Sign of Phnom Penh.

Phnom Penh Butter Beef.

An absolutely incredible and mind blowing dish. This dish combines rare/medium-rare beef slices with fresh cilantro and fried garlic in a super tasty and tangy sauce. The beef is so soft that it'll melt in your mouth...like BUTTER!!!Like Pringles Chips, once you pop, you can't stop.

Highly recommend paying Phnom Penh a visit just for this one dish. An absolute must-try!

Phnom Penh Restaurant
244 E Georgia St, Vancouver
Tel: 604 682-5777

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raidar said...

My god that looks amazing!

I Love Food Blog said...

Raidar...it truly is....amazing!

Mike said...

This is the best place ever man! i just took my dad there 2 days ago. They used to have another restaurant on Broadway and Oak but unfortunately that place closed down years ago.

I Love Food Blog said...

Well said Mike! Agreed!