What does A&W stand for?

Mozza Burger Combo:
Mozza Burger, French Fries, Pop (A&W Root Beer)
Added side of gravy to go with the fries

Close-up of the Mozza Burger.

In terms of fast-food restaurants, I'd have to say that A&W is the one I'd choose to go to if I was given a choice. I find their food more edible than others. I like to think of it as a step down from White Spot.

I normally order the Mozza Burger combo which comes with the burger, fries and a pop. For pop, I normally go with their classic Root Beer. I also normally throw in a side of gravy to go with the fries. There are times when I'll order a side of onion rings instead of fries. The fries are pretty good for fast-food standards. The gravy goes really well. The Mozza Burger is pretty good too...I like the use of real mozzarella cheese instead of processed cheese...definitely makes a big dfiference and seperates them from the competition.

For fast-food chains, A&W would be my best recommendation.

Oh yeah, to answer the question in the title of this post...the initials "A&W" stand for A&W's founders: Allen and Wright.



raidar said...

Best looking fast food burger I have seen in a long time. Actually makes me want to head over to the W...now if only they still operated drive-in's.

I Love Food Blog said...

Well said raidar. They definitely set themselves apart from the competition. Just look at how they package their burgers.

Anonymous said...

a&w stands for ambagus&wootbeer