Dine Out Vancouver Restaurants Are Now Taking Reservations

Event: Dine Out Vancouver™ 2009

Dates: January 14th 2009 - February 1st 2009

Other Notes: Reservations accepted NOW!!!

Web Site:

Please feel free to leave comments on where you have made reservations for this year or where you have dined at for this event in the past years and how it was.


raidar said...

Being from Edmonton I won't get to enjoy this, but what are you looking forward too? Some of the menu options look delish.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi raidar,

That's too bad you won't get to try this out. Do you guys have your own "Dine Out Edmonton" event?

As for myself, I really don't know yet. I had La Terrazza last year and thought it was pretty good. We'll see what happens this year.

I Love Food Blog