Presto Panini Linguine With Tomato Cream.

Linguine with Tomato Cream.

I've read many many great things about the pasta they serve at Presto Panini. I went with the Linguine with Tomato Cream sauce as per the servers recommendations. I'd have to say that the sauce was excellent. The downside was that I thought the linguine was slightly under-cooked. I am however willing to give it another shot in the future due to the numerous great reviews I have read so far. The reviews I've read so far hints that this place is an underground gem for true Italian food.

The ambiance is quite simple/plain and so don't expect any type of Earl's or Cactus atmosphere. It felt like a home cooked meal at a friends place (which is not a bad thing).

For now, I'd say you can't go wrong with the Tiramisu Cake. I'll pay another visit in the future to try their pasta dish again.
Cafe Presto Panini
859 Hornby St, Vancouver
Tel: 604-684-4445

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