Earl's Strawberry Magarita.

Earl's Strawberry Magarita (Virgin):
Fresh Strawberry Puree + Citrus Slush

One of the beverages I normally order when I'm at Earls. A refreshing and tasty blend of fresh strawberry puree and citrus slush.

On a side note: I don't look forward to having to stir/mix in the strawberry and the slush everytime it arrives!



Chris said...

Even in the cold winter weather, I can't help but feel transported to a warmer place when I indulge in a good slushie drink.

A.G said...

Try the strawberry daiquiri, I am pretty sure you don't have to stir that! Its good its strawberry and has a little bit of a citrus taste

I Love Food Blog said...

I will keep that in mind for next time A.G. Thanks.