Motomachi Shokudo

Exterior of Motomachi Shokudo.

The view from my chair.

Green Tea.

Butchigiri Gyoza:
Pan-fried pork gyoza

New Generation Miso Ramen:
Bena sprouts, onion, BBQ pork, menma (bamboo shoot), green onion, corn, angel aired Japanese leek, white pepper.

Nama-Shoyu Ramen:
Bean sprouts, menma (bamboo shoot), soft-boiled local organic egg, seasoned green vegetables, BBQ pork, white pepper, nori, green onion, herbs. Authentic flavor that comes from unpasteurized raw soy-sauce.

Motomachi Shokudo is just a few doors down from the famous Ramen house, Kintaro (please see my earlier posts for a review on Kintaro). Moto Sho is owned by the same owners of Kintaro.

Motomachi Shokudo uses a special soup that is made with organic chicken and fresh organic vegetables. Their BBQ pork is barely-fed and they strive to use organic ingredients when possible. They do not make use of chemical seasonings.

In case you wanted to know, their Organic Chicken is from Thomas Reid Farm, their Organic Eggs are from Astra Farm, and their Organic Vegetables are from Pro Organics.

The ambiance is quite different from Kintaro. It is not as hot and stuffy as Kintaro. Another thing I noticed was that it was not as noisy. I appreciated the decor...again, quite different from Kintaro.

The service was great. Server was very friendly and attentive to our needs.

Now onto the food...started off with the Butchigiri Gyoza (Pan-fried pork gyoza). It was interesting that only 4 pieces showed up on the plate. However, these were a little bit larger than usual so that was fine. The gyozas were okay...nothing that blew my mind away.

For the main course, my dinning partner had the New Generation Miso Ramen, while I had the Nama-Shoyu Ramen. I thought the Ramen was pretty good. However, I thought that the Ramen served at Kintaro was better. But then again, when I'm at Kintaro, I normally go with the rich soup and fatty pork, which adds a lot more flavor.

I like to think of Moto Sho as a cleaner and healthier version of Kintaro.

If you are a fan of Ramen or Kintaro, I recommend giving this a shot.

Motomachi Shokudo
740 Denman Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-609-0310

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shokutsu said...

Nice to know people also order their other ramen options here, as I always just see reports on the unique charcoal miso.

I Love Food Blog said...

Indeed they are known for their Charcoal Miso. I'm not really the biggest fan of Miso soup though.

Chris said...

I definitely need to check out these places next time I fly in. Here in Edmonton, we don't have a great ramen place (as far as I know) and usually just stick with pho if I want an "asian" soup style dish. That ramen looks great.

I Love Food Blog said...

The Ramen at Moto Sho was pretty good...however, I do still prefer Kintaro....that, you def have to try!