Kirkland Signature All Butter Shortbread Cookies From Costco

Packaging of Kirkland Signature All Butter Shortbread Cookies At Costco.

The Label.

Was craving for some Shortbread Cookies so decided to pick up a package from Costco. These are packaged under their Kirkland Signature brand.

I thought these were great. Great texture and great taste. Another great thing about them is that they you get quite a bit for what you pay for (you get 24 pieces for $7.49!). Goes well with a glass of cold milk!

I am currently on the hunt for the best Shortbread Cookie in the city. Please leave me a comment to let me know of anyplace that sells great shortbread cookies.


AG said...

terra bread had some
Notte's Bon Ton Pastry on Broadway might have some. I'm pretty sure they do
Have you tried the brand Walkers? Its a pretty popular short bread brand, I personally like the ones with chocolate chips.

Anonymous said...

Are you on the costco payroll?

Chris said...

I don't tend to buy baked goods, as I do a lot of scratch baking, but I've always heard good things about Costco baked goods.

I Love Food Blog said...

Thanks for letting me know AG. I'll keep that in mind.

I believe I visited Notte's Bon Ton Pastry once. Didn't get anything though.

I Love Food Blog said...

I'll have to agree with you Chris about Costco having good baked goods.

The big question is what happened to those mini cinnamon donuts??? It seems like they just discontinued it! Now I have to wait every year for the PNE to have some of those lil donuts!

Anonymous said...

"PACK ON 09/JA/03


These cookies last for 5 years? Am I reading it correctly?

I Love Food Blog said...

I believe it's 5 days...

Packed on January 3, 2009.
Best before January 8, 2009.