Food Pic Of The Day: Cactus Club's The Burger (Close-Up Edition)

The Burger (what used to be called The Feenie Burger)
Available at Cactus Club Cafe


Anonymous said...

hi I saw the cactus club`s the buger and I notice that tey add a lot of mushrooms did you take some of them out all in all it looks really good and which cactus club did you go to.


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Deadman, they certainly do add a lot of mushrooms on that burger which makes it even better! And no, I do not take them out...I just leave them there and eat the burger as a whole as you can see in the pic. As far as the locations, I don't normally go to a certain one in particular, I've been to a few and they are normally pretty consistent with bringing out a great burger.

Sherman said...

Woh... That's more mushrooms than the one I got! No wonder you like it. Which CC did you go to?

I Love Food Blog said...

I was trying to figure out what really makes this such a great burger. I think I'm gonna say it's the patty that they use.

They definitely do not hold back on the mushrooms either. I believe this one was from the Yaletown location.