A La Mode Pot Pie At Granville Island

A La Mode Chicken Pot Pie
Note from the pic that it also comes with a side salad

What it looks like with the crust broken in and removed.

Bonus Pic: Iced Tea from A La Mode
Perfect on a sunny hot summer day!

A La Mode is located in the food court section of Granville Island. There is normally a line up when you get there. They serve a variety of pot pies.

I tried the chicken pot pie and thought it was pretty good. The best part was breaking the crust in! It also came with a side salad which I really didn't care too much for, but if you're a salad person, I'm sure you'll appreciate it.

Also ordered a lemonade which went really well with the meal.

I recommend paying a visit and trying one of their pot pies!

A La Mode
(604) 685-8335
Granville Island
1689 Johnston St.
Vancouver, BC V6H

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Anonymous said...

hi that A la mode pot pie at graville island with the ice tea looks quits good and i was woundering about the ice tea with orange colouring or is it a orange flavored ice tea. Second how much did all of that come to.


I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Deadman, that's a very good question regarding the coloring. When I took a look at the pic, I was trying to recall what drink I had ordered. I'm pretty sure it was an iced tea. It might just be orange coloring. As far as the price, I can't recall but it probably would have come to about $8 is my best guess. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

The iced tea is made with orange pekoe tea, sugar, and lemon juice. The chicken pot pie costs $8.40 and the iced tea costs $2.95

I Love Food Blog said...

Thanks Anonymous!