New York, New York: New York Fries Poutine

New York Fries Poutine

After mixing it in...

Let's talk about their classic fries first. They are hand cut with the skins on and cooked in trans fat free non-hydrogenated sunflower oil. The fries are great to eat just by itself.

Background Info: The Poutine was invented in Quebec, Canada.
In its simplest form:
Fries + Cheese Curds + Gravy = Poutine

I'd have to say that NY Fries serves a pretty good poutine. Is it my favorite poutine? Not quite, but still is pretty good.

If you're a fan of poutine, you either have tried this already, or should try it!


KimHo said...

Poutine... While I don't have anything *against* it, at the same time, it does not entice me either. I guess I should try it at least once... So, in your opinion, which place in Metro Vancouver serves the best poutine? And, while on my way there (where ever it is), should I check with my doctor too for a quad-bypass? XD

Chris said...

I love hand cut skin on fries so much and the New York Fries version is pretty damn tasty. I remember back in the day picking a few containers up to go along with supper, because their fries could just make a regular supper that much better. I think it's been years.

I Love Food Blog said...

I don`t think I`ve tried enough poutines to really name the best poutine in Metro Vancouver. My personal favorite is the poutine from A&W. Frtiz European Fry House gets the honour roll. I remember a while back I had a poutine from Veras Burger and really enjoyed it (haven`t blogged about it yet though).

Unless you are planning on going around eating all kinds of poutine to find the best poutine in the city, I don`t think a visit to the doctor would be necessary.

I was told by someone that sometimes things don't work out, such as life. Sometimes you have to go out of your comfort zone to experience something new and wonderful. Sometimes it's not so wonderful but at least you can say you have had the experience and grown from it.

Bon Appetit!

p.s. Let me know if you eventually try a poutine!

I Love Food Blog said...

Ahhh...the good ol`days...

What place would you say serves the best poutine?

KimHo said...

Oh, no! Don't get me wrong, I have eaten a lot of things most people won't eat or dare to touch. In that sense, poutine does not freak me out. I have eaten its individual components; however, there is something mysterious about it when they are mixed together. I guess I should try it once. Who knows, I might like it so much I become a fan!

I Love Food Blog said...

Yep, you just might become a fan like me. Let me know how it goes if you end up trying it.

Gyromite said...

Fritz Vs Belgain fries. It is a good battle. I really like NY fries also - I get the gravy and cheese seperate so I dont end up with a pile of mushy fries at the end.

I think Belgian needs to get back on the radar for poutine. Frtiz only gets props cause it is the best choice after the bar when you are drunk. Things taste better when you are drunk.

I Love Food Blog said...

I haven't tried Belgian Fries yet. Certainly a quest to find the best poutine in the city would not be complete without a visit there from what I've read/heard so far.