An Absorbing Question

Why doesn't pound cake weigh a pound?

Experts say that the dish was traditionally made with a pound of flour, a pound of butter, and a pound of sugar. (Wouldn't that make it a three-pound cake?)
Interestingly, that same concept explains the name of another dessert: cupcakes.
The original recipes called for a cup each of flour, butter, and sugar, not because they're baked in little paper cups.

Taken from: 2009 Page A Day Calendar (Workman Publishing)


Kimho said...

Oddly, "cupcake" (single word) can also refer to the, errr...., cake baked in a pottery container, namely, a "cup", as you mentioned, not the paper cups.

Chris said...

I usually find pound cakes a little plain, so I started making them a little fancier this year by using eggnog. Works wonderfully!

I Love Food Blog said...

Cool...You should put up a blog post on them one day!