Harbord Fish & Chips (Toronto, ON)

Exterior of Harbord Fish & Chips (Toronto, ON)

Fish & Chips

Final Verdict:
Very much enjoyed the Fish & Chips...quite possibly the best F&C I've ever had.
Would definitely return here!

Harbord Fish & Chips
(416) 925-2225
The Annex
147 Harbord St
Toronto, ON
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PerryPie said...

Well now I have one heck of a craving for fish and chips. Looks fantastic.

I Love Food Blog said...

It was definitely as good as it looks...maybe even better!

FueledByFoodBlog said...

I would have to agree
Having been there myself, the fish is fried to perfection! Its so crispy that it has a nice crispy almost light crunch to it! The chips are also good to.