Time To Say Goodbye.

Costco's Chicken Bake, available at the food court. Not anymore apparently...I think.
Looks like a titanic version of the MacDonald's Apple Pie.

It seems like Costco has replaced the Chicken Bake with the new BBQ Ribs, or should I say Cha-Siu served on a bed of french fries. Goodbye Chicken Bake, hello BBQ Ribs. See below for my earlier posts on the Cha-Siu with fries aka the Costco BBQ Ribs.

Coincidentally, me and the same buddy that reviewed Hi-Genki decided to try this out. I thought that it was okay...it wasn't quite on the same level of goodness as Costco French Fries. I believe there's chicken, bacon and some cream sauce in the bake. My buddy was not as generous...he thought it tasted like crap.
I'm sure he's glad that they are no longer serving this item. I'm waiting till he tries the BBQ Ribs...I've warned him already, but he says he'll try it anyways.

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