Fritz European Fry House

Frtiz Poutine.
French fries, cheese curds, gravy.

A closer shot.

There aren't too many places around the city that I know of that specializes in French Fries/Poutine, so I was more than delighted when I first found out about Fritz European Fry House. I have been ordering the same thing since my first visit...the classic poutine. They also offer hot dogs, fries by themselves, different dips etc.

There aren't too many seats in the little fry house. The service here is great. I used to visit Fritz quite often and I was impressed that the person running the store would always remember what I wanted to order. Definitely makes you want to return. A small action like that goes a long way.

The poutine is normally made fresh...well they specialize in poutine so their turn-around for french fries is quite quick. The poutine tastes great. I think the MVP for this poutine goes to the gravy used. It gets especially fun when you have 1/4 left and you get to mix in the cheese curds and gravy. Unfortunately I don't have a pic of that.

I hear this is a popular spot to hit after a night of clubbing on the Granville Strip as they are open late.

If you're a poutine fan, I recommend trying this out.

Fritz European Fry House
718 Davie Street, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 684-0811

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Anonymous said...

Poutine rocks. Thanks for the recommendation, Schnapps.

I Love Food Blog said...

No problem A-Dawg. I'm more than happy to suggest great places to eat at around the city.

Anonymous said...

lovvve this place, the owner is so nice! she always remembers what I get and we always end up chatting away while i eat there.
me and my friend joked around with her and told her we would spy on the new poutine place that had opened up and tell her how bad they are compared to her!