Plats du Chef French Onion Soup

Plats du Chef French Onion Soup (Box)

Box contains 6 frozen blocks.

Prepared by microwave.
Also can be prepared in the oven.

A co-worker had this for lunch one day and she recommended I give it a shot as it's pretty tasty.

I picked up a box at Costco from the frozen foods section. I believe it's about $12.

Preparation is really simple...two options:

1) Put in bowl and microwave (faster/lazier option)


2) Put in bowl and heat in oven (better quality option as you will get what's pictured in the first pic, unlike the third pic which was prepared by a microwave)

I must say that the soup is really tasty. I was quite impressed. I'd take this soup over some that I've had at certain restaurants.

Recommended if you're a fan of French Onion Soup.

Available at Costco.

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