Mini Sliders at Joeys (Burrard)

garlic bread

caesar salad
with garlic croutons & grana padano parmesan.

cheeseburger sliders
three mini burgers with secret sauce & melted american cheese.
added a side of french fries.

Close-up of minis.

Note: Be sure to click on each of the pics above for a clearer view.

Paid a visit to the Joeys located right in the middle of downtown, on Robson and Burrard. I believe the menu for the Downtown one is different than the Broadway (and Granville) one.

Started off with the Garlic Bread. This was okay, really nothing too special. Basically something I'd order if I knew the main entree was not going to fill me up. Next was the Caesar Salad. As usual, I requested for extra cheese and sauce. Came on a nice bright white cold plate. The Caesar Salad was great.

For my entree, I had the Cheeseburger Sliders. This came with their "secret sauce" and melted american cheese. Also ordered a side of their fries. I believe the last time I went to the Broadway restaurant, the fries were a lot thinner. Anyhow, the fries were okay. The Sliders on the other hand, I must say I was somewhat disappointed. The first thing that caught my eye was their choice of bun. I thought it resembled one of those Chinese buns. The patty was not that tasty and the cheese seemed processed. Overall, I expected a bit more from them. Oh was by no means horrible though.

Would return here again but order something else in the future.

Joeys Burrad Website
Joey Tomato's Mediterranean Grill (Joey's Burrard)
820 Burrard Street, Vancouver
Tel: 604-683-Joey

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raidar said...

Not ever having a huge amount of "slider" options here in Edmonton, I'm always curious at times when people order them. I hear so much about the how easy it is to consume a box from White Castle, but can't shake the idea of how much bread one would be eating. Seems daunting, or at least makes me want to jam more meat into the bun!

I Love Food Blog said...

There's something about sliders...I don't know...I'd love to try the ones at White Castle.