Dicks Drive-In & Dairy Dip

Dick's Drive-In & Dairy Dip

The Outside

Dick's Hand Dipped Vanilla Milkshake
Topped with real whipped cream and a cherry

Milkshake was as good as it looks...extra points for being super thick!

Homemade Fresh Cut Fries

Homemade...Fresh Cut. Thumbs up! Nuff said.

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Swiss Cheese, Sauteed Mushrooms, Fried Onions, Mustard

I asked for them to hold the lettuce and tomato.
Thumbs up.

If you're a burger/fries/milkshake person like I am, then Dicks Drive-In & Dairy Dip is for you! It's sort of like the "Moderne Burger" of Ottawa.
You can read my blog review of "Moderne Burger" here:

Dicks Drive-in & Dairy Dip
(613) 274-3425
Old Nepean
1485 Merivale Rd
Ottawa, ON K2E 5P3
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PerryPie said...

Crap that burger looks good. I love mushrooms.

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi PerryPie,

Yes indeed it was a pretty good burger. And I'm a mushroom lover as well!

Bon Appetit!
I Love Food Blog

Sherman said...

When I first saw this post, I thought it was Dick's in Seattle. But this one looks pretty good too! Have you tried one of the locations in Seattle?

I Love Food Blog said...

Hi Sherman, I have not tried the one in Seattle. Is it good? Recommend it? Thanks.

Sherman said...

Actually I have not. But I heard it's dirt cheap and the food ain't bad. Will report on it when I do try it, unless you do first!

I Love Food Blog said...

Cool! Thanks Sherman.